Best Case Presentations

Presenter incentive    

Speaking frankly about difficult cases and bad decisions is no easy task, but it is an important learning tool.
To reward our speakers for their candour and courage, ICCIR’s ten best presenters will be awarded with a copy of

Managing Common Interventional Radiology Complications – A Case Based Approach
by L. Ratnam, U. Patel and A.-M. Belli. (Eds.)

Based on participants’ feedback, the top ten case presenters have been selected:

Dr. Ameli-Renani, Seyed

Embolisation of a Type I endoleak post Nellix aortic aneurysm repair
complicated by reflux of Onyx into the Nellix endograft limb
Dr. Chung, Raymond "Lipiduria" post renal angiomyolipoma embolization
Dr. Das, Raj

Extrabronchial arterial embolisation in acute haemoptysis
– an appropriate risk to take?
Dr. Farrell, Jonathan Balloons behaving badly: a complication during iliac angioplasty
Dr. McCavert, Mark

Migration of a tunneled haemodialysis catheter into a right-sided partial
anomalous pulmonary venous connection
Dr. Neumann, Christian
Arterioportal fistula after thermoablation - trouble brewing...
Dr. Pallwein-Prettner, Leo  Fatal bleeding of a mycotic aneurysm in necrotizing pancreatitis
Dr. Petersen, Johannes

Major complication during treatment of central venous stenosis in a
hemodialysis patient
Dr. Sheorain, Virendersingh EVAR with chimneys that came with an unexpected surprise
Dr. Tsitskari, Maria Fatal pericardial tamponade during superior vena cava stenting

Congratulations to our winners – a copy of Managing Common Interventional Radiology Complications is on its way to you in the post!

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